5 tech trends to look forward to in 2021
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5 tech trends to look forward to in 2021

January 7, 20214 mins read

For the world, 2021 couldn’t come soon enough. And while we’re holding our breath waiting to hug another human being, there are also other things worth anticipating. 2021 will bring health, space, and tech revolution like no other year – starting from the quickest vaccine made in human history, the James Webb telescope launch, to the astonishing discoveries and advancements in technology. In this blog post, we’re going to be reviewing five technology trends that will dominate our lives in 2021.


Computers are going to mega level

You may have heard the term “quantum computing” before, but let’s get down to what it means exactly. Quantum computing technology is based on quantum phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement. What’s important here is that quantum computing is much more advanced than our traditional computers as it’s unbelievable fast in calculations and task performance. Suppose you wonder where someone might apply such technologies. In that case, you don’t need to look very far – basically any sector of our lives, from healthcare, traffic control, finance to even artificial intelligence.

Different scientists predict different outcomes for the technology in question in the upcoming year. Yet, one thing is right – companies like Splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS, and Google are working on the further development of the machine. And they’re not likely to stop, as quantum computing application opportunities are only expanding with time.


Alexa, Siri, meet the future

In the past decade, we’ve made a lot of progress in the artificial intelligence area. We already know of the advancements in image and speech recognition, smartphone personal assistants, navigation, ride-sharing apps, etc. The past year also highlighted, which are the areas that need the attention the most. For example, let’s take hospital resources – it’d be no surprise to utilize learning algorithms to predict what institutions will need the most based on health trend data. It can also be used to improve our infrastructures further for other health crises. Yet, this is not the only area. As the human population uses the internet for most of their daily activities and will probably continue with it, it’ll most notably be deployed to analyze and predict their behavior shifts when shopping, communicating or working online.


What reality is this? 

At some point in life, we may all have dreamed of a different reality, e.g., fantasizing about receiving an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and meeting Hagrid IRL. Well, in the coming year, we’re going to see more of Extended Reality (ER) seep into our lives. We’ve all heard of Virtual and Augmented Reality, or at least played games and saw prototypes of textbooks with projections. Through Extended Reality isn’t quite the same – it’s more like those smart glasses in action movies that track, detect enemies, or provide other information on the glass. The other popular examples are the smart recipes on the kitchen counter, TV on the mirror, etc. The primary use in 2021 is predicted to be quite different, though. Mostly, to keep us aware of the danger in the surroundings, remote workforce training, education, and healthcare.


Do we have to do this again? 

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is going to be all the rage by the end of 2021. Now, this technology usually causes opposite reactions – for and against, as it eliminates the need to perform a repetitive task, yet, in doing so, threatens workers’ livelihoods. When trying to find an appropriate example of an already existing RPA, just think about an automated Help Desk. Depending on specific keywords used in your questions, you get automatic predisposed answers.

However, when speaking about optimization and improvement, there’s no denying that RPA is necessary as it saves time and precious resources that can otherwise be deployed somewhere else. It’s no doubt that this technology brings advancement in every field, be it healthcare or business.

So fast, not furious

If you haven’t yet heard and spent the last year under a rock somewhere (which is entirely viable given the circumstances) – 5G’s happening. In some countries, the technology is already available for people to use. Almost every telecom company is working on 5G applications, and it’s expected that by the end of 2021, it’ll be available in at least 30 countries. How does it differ from 3G or 4G? Well, these technologies allowed us to surf the web, enjoy all that Youtube has to offer, and much more. Yet, with 5G, it’s quite another story – we’re talking all the realities (ER, AR, VR) reaching our homes, cloud-based gaming, smart retails, better traffic control, etc. It’s here to revolutionize our lives and push us towards the next age of tech.

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