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Tesonet is home to a number of projects that are taking the tech world by storm.

We at Tesonet spend our days working on a number of projects that are taking the tech world by storm. Nah, make it by thunderstorm. By a kickass monsoon of innovation. We are driven to make our mark, and there’s no mountain high enough to keep us from getting things done. And now you have that Marvin Gaye song playing in your head.

The success of our projects is down to having an awesome team, which is growing every week. Among the products we have developed together, there’s a world-renowned cybersecurity tool, a super cool data intelligence service and some pretty unique business solutions powered by machine learning.

Running simultaneous projects in both B2B and B2C, there’s never a dull moment in Tesonet, where innovation, self realization and challenge meets a no-BS attitude. We simply don’t mess with ambition, learning and having a good time.

Cybersecurity Tools

Tesonet is currently working on a cybersecurity and privacy product, which has a quickly growing user base worldwide – everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe. It helps Internet users to easily secure their traffic with next-generation encryption technologies, so that they can browse without a worry in the world.

Putting this into numbers, the service runs on 10000 servers in 70 different countries, sending more than 500 GBps of traffic at peak time, totalling in 5 PBs of inter-continental traffic per month. All of this is made possible by using a decentralized infrastructure running on open source based platforms.

Tech Stats

10000 +
Servers Worldwide
70 +
Different Countries
500 Gbit/s
Network Traffic
5 TB
Working Data Set
Data Intelligence

Let’s move to another project for a moment – a B2B solution that offers a fresh way to collect business intelligence data. Following the trend of unstructured data collection, we jump in to provide an innovative infrastructure for companies that gather intelligence data from all around the web.

Our clients crawl data daily for competitive edge, data analysis, revenue management or any other business reason an organization might have. We provide them with the technology to do this both over the web with no rate limits and with very impressive network capacity in different markets. When it comes to this product, we mostly work with Python, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ as well as some C++ and other backend open source technologies.

Machine Learning Solutions

Over time, a growing demand for collecting business leads across various resources sprouted another project. Here, a smart machine learning algorithm matches the ideal client for one’s business needs.

In order to make the so-called “Artificial Intelligence for Sales,” we have worked a lot with analysts and business intelligence to achieve the best possible match. Ultimately, we employ many different technologies to structure the data and offer it as a short and sweet result. The product runs on such technologies as Couchbase, Python, InfluxDB, Grafana, Elasticsearch, StatsD, collectd, Ansible, MySQL, dabbling a bit in Hadoop and others. Today, we collect millions of daily requests and structure them in a matter of seconds, helping businesses find the ideal lead for their sales.

New Ventures

For the latest project, Tesonet is working together with an international brand from Switzerland to create a security product that helps users protect their network traffic. As part of this technical partnership, we are collaborating on datacenter and network infrastructure that can easily supply 10 Gbps worth of bandwidth to users around the world. The product is developed using the latest authentication encryption methods and the best practices in the security world.