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Tesonet - taking the tech world by storm.

Nah, make it by a thunderstorm. By a kickass monsoon of innovation. 

Started as a startup run by two guys, today we call ourselves an incubator, a venture builder, a digital frontier specializing in all things IT. Tesonet is a proud creator and investor of over 30 various global products and projects. That innocent chat between two tech geeks back in ‘99 was the beginning of a remarkable story.

And who are today? Global. Ambitious. Unapologetically geeky about tech. A trusted companion for clients from 80+ countries. An innovator developing and investing in world-renowned products every single day and turning them into self-sustainable businesses. 

1000+ experts in programming, marketing, sales, design & communications work together across various products. PHP, Python, Golang, C++, .NET and other coding gurus? They’re here. Discussing ways to run a viral campaign with marketing pros? You betcha. We work alongside industry professionals to develop hundreds of projects, adding our touch to everything from business solutions powered by machine learning to cybersecurity.

Network Infrastructure

Putting this into numbers, the service runs on 12000 servers in 70 different countries, sending more than 600 GBps of traffic at peak time, totalling in 5 PBs of inter-continental traffic per month. All of this is made possible by using a decentralized infrastructure running on open source based platforms.

Tech Stats

12000 +
Servers Worldwide
70 +
Different Countries
600 Gbit/s
Network Traffic
5 TB
Working Data Set


Digital marketing managers, .NET developers, QA specialists, in-house lawyers – you name it, we probably have an open position for it. Our HR department is always looking for top talent to join fast growing products and take them to the next level. And once the top talent is on board with us, we work hard to make them stay with exciting challenges, building the greatest vibe and filling their bellies with copious amounts of food.

Skill Set

There are many nice words to be said about the skills of our team, including PHP, Python, Golang, C++, C#, Swift, .NET, Lua, NodeJS, Java, Kotlin, Kubernetes, CouchBase, ElasticSearch, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Ansible, Puppet, RabbitMQ, and Scrapy. Also, may we interest you in some PPC, CRO, SEO, GA, Hotjar, VWO, Optimize, Sketch, or good old PS? If you have a sneaky feeling we’ve just made most of these up, we can help your business grow. And if you are an expert at handling at least one of these, come join us!




Tesonet has contributed to a number of cybersecurity products, and the results of our work are used worldwide – everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe. They help Internet users secure their traffic with next-generation encryption technologies, get end-to-end encryption beyond their network to mail and secure storage, and enjoy a safer and more open Internet.

Machine learning

Tesonet helps businesses build their future by filling their gaps in machine learning: be it infrastructure, technical know-how, or human resources. We add our touch in various project phases, from research and planning to prototyping and deployment. This helps our partners drive efficiency through automation and grow the scope of their business opportunities.

Technical support

With customer care being a key selling point for tech users, Tesonet provides necessary and timely solutions to any issues our partners’ clients face. Every minute that goes by with an app or network down may cost a fortune – our highly trained tech support outsourcing experts take on customer queries 24/7 to prevent that from happening.

Business hosting

Tesonet hosting services offer everything a company needs to design a website and build a strong online presence. Fast loading times, stability during traffic peaks, multiple layers of server-level security – you name it. We also take care of all the technical stuff so that our partners can get the benefits of super powerful hosting without the hassle.