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Top 10 Tech Blogs & Websites to Follow

3 min read

With tech there’s so much to read, but not enough time to go through absolutely everything. And how could you? From digital culture to new gadget releases – the tech world is wide and wild, and catching up with it isn’t an easy task. So, similarly to last week’s Swift and Android blog recommendations, we’re sharing a list of websites dedicated to all things digital. Our techies here at Tesonet named a few of their go-to websites for staying one step ahead with everything that’s happening in the tech industry.


The Next Web

The Next Web is well-known for its daily news on everything tech-related. And for a good reason. What has started just as a conference a few years ago, grew into a proper news blog discussing business, culture, and technology. The Next Web is definitely a great place to check for upcoming gadget releases or articles on recent news, so you can always stay in the loop. 



The latest trends of technology, helpful guides, and interesting stories – Wired covers everything in such a beautifully written way, that it’s hard not to read. Instead of quick and daily updates, Wired publishes in-depth articles on business, science, security and a variety of other topics educating its audience about the latest trends in tech. No clickbaity content and no overwhelming amounts of content – this website keeps it nice, organized and straight to the point. 



If you don’t already follow TechCrunch – you’re missing out on a lot. This leading technology blog provides the latest tech product reviews, introduces new gadgets and discusses the latest trends in the industry. TechCrunch also heavily covers various startup success stories and the biggest recent investment deals. So, whether you’re looking for a specific product review or just want to catch up with the tech industry – this is the place to go.



Want not only the news about tech and various gadgets but also trustworthy ratings and reviews? Then TechRadar is for you. Dedicated to helping buyers make a smart decision when purchasing tech, this website both rates different smartphones, mobiles and tablets, and provides various helpful guides purchasing on them. Trust this website to help you make a smart decision when buying!



HackerNoon is an independent tech media site for technologists, software developers, bitcoiners and blockchain enthusiasts. Written by true tech lovers, the articles there cover everything from tips on hiring a junior developer to understanding IPFS. Whether you’re looking for more in-depth articles or stories from personal experience, HackerNoon has something for everyone’s taste.



You probably know Vox for its quality content and great insights, but did you know it has a whole sub-blog to discuss everything digital? From quick daily updates to interesting interviews, articles, and reviews – this blog perfectly combines tech news with interesting business stories. If you want a lighter read, that isn’t designed just for tech geeks – Vox’s Recode is a great choice. 


The Verge

Tech, entertainment, podcasts – The Verge is truly full of all sorts of content. And really good content. This multimedia channel covers a variety of topics and covers everything currently happening in the world. An important piece of information has just leaked? A new innovative solution has been introduced to the market? Trust The Verge to have it covered on their website in just a few minutes. And if you think that’s not enough, The Verge also has a variety of videos and podcasts on technology and its impact on our lives. 



If you want to read about technology, gaming, and entertainment, trust Engadget to give you all the resources you might need. For 15 years this platform has been producing various articles, videos, and reviews about things and people that are shaping the world. So be prepared not only to learn about new things but also be truly inspired!



Just like the name suggests, this website has a mash or everything. Latest tech stuff, interesting stories and news, truly helpful guides – Mashable has all this and so much more to offer. As a go-to source for tech, entertainment, science, and cultural news, this media platform offers a variety of content for you to stay up-to-date. 


Digital Trends

Digitaltrends is a large hub of helpful guides, how-to’s and useful links to various resources for any innovation enthusiasts. The best thing about it? An extremely satisfying category system – it’s easy to navigate and find whatever you need. Besides your regular news’ articles, Digital Trends also has various roundups of best tech gadgets – from laptops to refrigerators.