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The Story of Tesonet

Tesonet is a place where advanced network security solutions are born. But it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, Tesonet as we know it now came into being in 2013.

But what happened before? Where did it all start?

The roots of Tesonet are hiding in the labyrinths of IRC channels, where two of the co-founders – Tomas Okmanas and Eimantas Sabaliauskas – have met.

Tesonet was founded back in 2008 for a single project. And things took over from there. Our current CEO Darius Bereika joined the company around that time and as in most newly established businesses, Darius was juggling all the responsibilities. Tesonet’s CCO Jonas Karklys was always around as well – working together on some of the projects before he joined full-time in 2012.


Try. Fail. Try again. Again and again.


Since the very beginning, we wanted to work on cutting-edge technology. The Internet trends were changing rapidly and it took A LOT of trying and failing before we learned what it takes to succeed in a fast-paced tech environment. We started off with online gaming platforms, we dived into e-commerce, and took up a bundle of other projects. Our road had many twists and turns but working with different technologies gave us valuable lessons on both market and technology sides. It took us 35 projects before we got where we are now – focusing on network security and big data solutions.


From 7 to 220


In 2013, the first employees joined the company. Even though our first office was only 17 square meters big, and there were only 2 of us, we knew that we finally were on the right track. Not long after, all 7 Teso people went on the first workation to Spain. Snowballing from there, we were quickly expanding. In 2015, Eimantas and Tomas joined Tesonet full-time as all hands on board were needed. We have changed 6 offices since then, and with 220+ people now it is getting pretty busy.


The future is now


As for the future of Tesonet, we are slowly but confidently stepping onto cyber security land. Currently, Tesonet is working on a Swiss cyber security project, as well as developing advanced data intelligence solutions and some pretty unique business solutions powered by machine learning. There is one thing that hasn’t changed since the very beginning: our global goals and ambitions. Tesonet remains local capital company to this day, but we are more than ready take over the tech world by storm.