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The Road to Motivation

Motivation is a tricky creature. There are times when you’re filled with excitement and are ready to conquer the world. And other times, you can’t seem to find the willingness to do anything. You keep pushing deadlines, making excuses for your work and you find yourself falling into the trap of procrastination. Sounds really familiar, right?

So what can we do about it? We decided to ask one of our most motivated guys in Tesonet – Regimantas Urbanas. When he’s not a CMO of our R&D department, he’s a frequent motivational speaker at various events. And he knows what he’s talking about. With an impressive career background that includes being one of the very first Lithuanians to join Google as a Marketing Manager and then taking over as a CMO for Trafi, Regimantas definitely knows the secret to motivation and achieving your goals.


Work on Finding Your Passion

If you’re passionate, you’re motivated. But passion isn’t something you just happen to stumble upon. You need to figure out what you feel strongly about and go through the process of active inspiration. According to Regimantas, travelling is one of the best ways to start. “Travels expand your horizons and open your mind,” he says. You’re putting yourself out of the comfort zone and gathering new experiences. Remember that amazing feeling after coming back from somewhere? Nothing seems impossible. You come back to work with new energy and attitude. Moments like that are a perfect opportunity to turn this abstract excitement into a more defined passion. How do you do that? Regimantas says that you usually need to answer these 5 questions to do that:

1. What are the things that are the most important and interesting to you?
2. What would you do if you had 5 million euros in your bank account and you wouldn’t need to work for money?
3. What are the subjects you would want to read 500 books about?
4. What would you want others to say about you after your death?
5. What did you like to do when you were a child? What kind of hobbies you had?

When you answer these questions really honestly, you’re on your path to defining and understanding the true passion that you can turn into your motivation.


Turn Dreams Into Goals

Ok, so you have your passion figured out. What’s next? You need to start thinking about what you want to do with it. This is the time where you can and should think big. But you need to remember that these dreams should be turned into defined goals. “Don’t just say that you want to travel, if travel is your passion. Turn it into more a clear goal and say that, for instance, in six months you want to visit 4 countries”, explains Regimantas. Clear deadlines don’t just make you responsible. They’re also helpful in times when during those down days.  “We’re humans, we all have days where all we want to do is procrastinate. But it’s much easier to pick yourself up when you have something to wait for,” he tells.

Of course, the key thing here is not to get too caught up into planning. “I talk to a lot of young students and they often ask me things like, how to start a career in Tesonet. And I just tell them that all you need to do is send your CV. It’s that easy!”, he laughs. According to Regimantas, sometimes the goals we have might seem a bit frightening because of their scale. It becomes easier to drop them rather than achieve them. That’s why you need to break it down into smaller steps. When they become more manageable, they don’t seem so overwhelming anymore.


Turn Motivation Into a Habit

Real motivation doesn’t just happen and that’s why it’s important to turn it into a habit. How do you do that? First, you need to make time for your goals. As Regimantas points out, in this busy world it’s easy to find excuses. That’s why you need a time and place for your goals to live. If you want to achieve something and not to lose your focus, scheduling time for your goals is essential. You don’t want to waste time waiting for motivation or inspiration. “If I say I want to read 10 books in 9 months, I don’t just try to find time to do it. Just like with any other business meeting – I schedule it and just do it. This way, I make sure to move all the other stuff around, so I would have time to do it,” shares Regimantas.

Also, it’s important to think about the ritual of your habit. What do you do first? How do you start your habit? When you feel unmotivated, you can get frustrated just by thinking about all the steps involved. So, think about the first few steps you take to start your habit. They have to be so ridiculously easy, that you wouldn’t have an excuse to avoid them. And that over time, they would become automatic and eventually form a habit.


The road to motivation is not easy – it definitely involves a lot of work and perseverance. Whatever it might be – becoming more productive, learning a new programming language or building an amazing product – you have to make time for it. With all this figured out, it becomes much easier to fall into a habit of motivation.