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Project Management @Tesonet

Agile. Waterfall. Kanban. CPM. There are more than plenty project management methodologies, but which is the right one?

At Tesonet, we do not stick to one way of management. Even though we mix it up and count on both Agile and matrix management principles, sometimes a good old piece of paper is where the key parts of a project land.

Meetings. We have made certain changes in how we reach  project milestones. First of all, efficient meetings is what many projects lack. We all have been to those meetings, which take way too long and you end up leaving even more confused. Vytautas says that regular meetings are essential when you work as a cross-functional team in a matrix management structure.

A few things that improved our meetings:

  • At least a brief agenda beforehand
  • Every meeting must have a responsible action owner (who assigns tasks and responsibilities).
  • A short summary after each meeting
  • Writing down meeting insights


Challenges. As the company grows, business development and expansion are not the only challenges that might be faced. It all comes down to a personal level.

Being friends with a colleague can be a double sided coin. On the one hand, if you become friends at work, it is easier to collaborate. On the other hand, if you are friends already, it might ruin the friendship. When more and more people are joining the company, you barely know the person you have to work together with, and when you go international, cultural clashes are unavoidable. To add on, when a structure of the company is changing, the only way to go forward is to trust and delegate.

Most young companies look up to such moguls as Google or Facebook, but their practices might not work for your business. These giants can afford bigger teams to get 1-2% improvement in efficiency. Also,they have the luxury of spending more since they have one dominating product. Considering this, it is questionable whether that could work for a smaller company.


Carrot or stick? Finally, there is an open question what is the best way to motivate the team. Too many praises could lead to a loss of urgency, while the stick method might end up demotivating the team. So it is always a balancing act.