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15 Slack Hacks You Should Know

There was a time where online work chats were dull and lifeless, but still necessary. And then Slack came along. Not only they created software used by millions every day. They managed to turn an app into a space that makes chatting more exciting than actually talking IRL. 

But besides offering the main thing – talking to your colleagues, that is – Slack also has many cool features to boost your productivity, add more personality to your workspace and even create custom gifs. You’re probably familiar with things like setting your status or a “do not disturb” mode, but there’s so much more you can do. So this time, we’re sharing our top 15 Slack hacks that make our lives here at Tesonet easier. 


#1 Master shortcuts – Slack has many many keyboard shortcuts but could memorize them all? Thankfully, you can access all of the shortcuts with pressing “Command + /” (for Mac) or “Ctrl + /” (for Windows) buttons at the same time. 


#2 Get notified – Slack has set up that by default we’re notified if someone @ mentions you in the channel or direct messages. But you can add a list of keywords you want to be notified about to be up to date with anything important. Just go to Preferences -> Notifications and then scroll down to “My keywords” section.


#3 Create posts – Messages are cool and nice, but sometimes you just need to create a post that attracts attention. And Slack allows that too. You can create a proper post by using bullet list, adding headlines, hyperlinks and so on. 

#4 Add a Shrug
– Ok, this might not be the most essential thing in Slack… But how many of you went to Google to find this emoji and then copy-pasted it to your chat? Turns out, Slack has integrated this iconic emoticon and you just need to type “/shrug”.

#5 Style your messages
– If you’re writing a longer message and don’t want the key information to get lost, you can either bold or italicise certain words/phrases.

And if you like a nicely organized text, don’t forget about the bulleted list. Simply press “Alt” and “8” at the same time and enjoy a well-listed text.

#6 Add custom Loading Messages and Emoji 
– We mentioned that Slack has loads of features for adding more personality to your workspace. Both Loading Messages and Emojis are perfect for that. You can really go wild there and add inside jokes that only you will get. 

Go to “Customize Slack” on your Slack app and you’ll find options for customizing both.

Turn Slackbots into FAQ gurus – This is a useful way to utilize Slackbots to make work easier for you. If you go to “Customise Slack”, you’ll see that you can add a custom response that will show up when it’s triggered by a specific word or phrase. This feature can be used not only for joking but to give answers to important questions. For instance, quickly getting your boss’s phone number, finding brand color codes and so on. 

#8 Integrate bots 
– Slack has loads of different bots that you can easily integrate into Slack. Go to slack.com/apps and under “Categories” click “Bots”. You’ll find loads of them that’ll connect to your other tools, track office birthdays or even help you plan your lunch. 

# 9 Set reminders for yourself (or others)
-Slackbots can also be useful for reminding you about things. Whether you have a meeting that you can’t forget about or want to get better at eating lunch, you can easily set slackbot to remind you about that. And you can also set reminders for your peers if something needs to be done urgently. Just message slackbot “/remind [someone] [to do something] at [a specific time].”

#10 Specify your search – If you just type something to the search bar, chances are it’ll be more useless than helpful. But by adding a few specific parameters, you’ll find what you’re looking for much faster. 

Embrace the slash – Slash (/) is probably one of the most powerful symbols. Just type it in your message field and a list of commands will appear – from quickly setting your “Away” status to leaving a channel.


#12 Create surveys and polls – Slack also allows you to easily gather thoughts and feedback from your team. All you need to do is to add “Simple Poll” to Slack and you’re good to go! 


#13 GIFS, GIFS, GIFS – We love gifs here at Tesonet and makes us super happy that you can do so much with them on Slack. You can directly search for them there just by typing “with these commands: 

  • Add a custom text to your gif: /giphy #caption “your caption” GIPHY-SEARCH-TERM
  • Get your weather forecast for the day with this one: /giphy #weather ENTER-YOUR-ZIPCODE-HERE
  • You can also randomly find the most popular gif for a specific term: /giphy #1 GIF-SEARCH-TERM
  • Use gifs as Magical 8 Ball for important life decisions and questions: /giphy #8ball GIF-SEARCH-TERM
  • Convert phrases into a gif text: /giphy #echo INSERT-PHRASE-HERE


#14 Quickly navigate through channels – This one is for all of those obsessed with their productivity and speed. Click either “Command+K” (for Mac) or “Ctrl+K” (for Windows) to quickly jump from channel to channel and messages.


#15 Don’t lose important messages – Slack can seem a bit chaotic if you have loads of people messaging you. This can cause you to lose track of important messages, so to avoid it – star it. Hover over a wanted message and you’ll see a star icon. Tap it and your message will be starred. To find all your starred messages go to the top right of the Slack channel and there you’ll see a star icon. Click it and you’ll see all your important messages in one place.