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13 Development Conferences to Visit in 2019

What were your New Year’s resolutions for this year? Ours was quite straightforward – to make 2019 the most groundbreaking year yet. We want to fill this year with learning and self-improvement. To absorb as much knowledge as possible. And use all this to keep breaking the benchmarks. Sounds a bit ambitious? Well, we’re all about that here at Tesonet.

So what’s the best place to learn about the newest trends, the future of tech and get inspired? Conferences. They are a perfect mix of learning from the best and meeting fellow geeks around the world. And this time, we’re sharing our top picks for development conferences in Europe with you. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet you there!


GoDays Berlin | Berlin, Germany | January 29th – 30th
GoDays is a new and really promising conference in Berlin focusing on connecting the Go community. With many technical talks and practical workshops, this conference will gather Go experts and enthusiasts to share their experience and learn something new. Tailored for both beginners and experienced developers, GoDays looks like a new event that we’ll be waiting for next year as well.


FITC | Amsterdam, Netherlands | February 18th – 19th
FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that perfectly capture what this conference is all about. Bringing brilliant minds from around the world, FITC is filled with tech and creative talks for digital creators of all kinds. With speakers from top companies, you’ll find topics covering everything from technical and design to health, motivation and productivity. Whether you’re just a beginner in the tech industry or a seasoned professional, you’ll definitely take something with you that you can actually use.


Techchill | Riga, Latvia | February 21st – 22nd
Though Techchill is primarily an event for startups to network with investors, this doesn’t mean they don’t offer great talks and speakers each year. Besides a great opportunity to make long-lasting connections, you can also learn more about the tech industry. With speakers from companies like Twitter, Uber, Google Cloud or Monzo, you’ll definitely be inspired by these game-changers.


Future Tech | Utrecht, Netherlands | March 13th
This technology conference deep dives in .NET technologies and everything related to them. With the main goal to share know-how and discuss the newest technologies, this conference is a great way to learn from real-life experiences.  Future Tech offers loads of interesting topics – from .NET Core, Azure to emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things.


React Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands | April 12th
This is the place to be for any developer working with React.js. And a conference our developers will definitely visit since the majority of frontend at Tesonet is written in React.js. It attracts all the top players in the ecosystem – from creators and maintainers of tools, libraries and packages to top-notch developers working with those tools. They not only share their experiences but different ways to solve the same challenge. Besides that, you also get to know future trends or what cool tech there is in the ecosystem that you haven’t stumbled upon yet.


You Gotta Love Frontend Conference | Vilnius, Lithuania | May 16th – 17th
The name gives away everything you need to know about this event – it’s going to be all about frontend. And one of the organizers, who also happens to be our senior frontend developer Mindaugas Jačionis, promises that this one won’t disappoint. Packed with many great speakers (they are going to reveal more soon!), this conference is going to be a great knowledge sharing experience. Open Source, how to grow developer engagement, and creativity in coding – these are just a few topics that You Gotta Love Frontend is going to cover. So you better not miss it!


DevSum | Stockholm, Sweden | May 23rd – 24th
When you see a conference happening for the fifteenth year in a row, you know it’s good and you can’t miss it. DevSum brings speakers from all around the world to talk about Web Development, Software Architecture, Java, AI & Machine Learning, Programming languages, Cloud and People, teams & collaboration. This huge and knowledge-packed event is perfect to get practical tips and tricks, inspiration and meet like-minded developers at different levels.


JSConf EU | Berlin, Germany | June 1st – 2nd
Though this conference hasn’t announced their speakers yet, just from the past events we know that this one is definitely worth visiting. JSConf EU is for more advanced JavaScript programmers filled with in-depth content and experienced speakers sharing their knowledge. This event always covers various themes and discusses TC39 – the technical committee 39 that decides how JavaScript will look in the upcoming year and the future.


FullStack London | London, UK | July 10th – 12th
For the sixth year in a row, FullStack London is the go-to JavaScript, Node, Angular and IoT conference in London. As one of the biggest and fastest growing events in the city, it attracts not only many visitors, but top speakers as well. From the future of JavaScript to serverless production, this conference promises that any level developer will find something useful to them. And by looking at the program, we feel like they are not going to disappoint!


Frontend Conference Zurich | Zurich, Switzerland | August 29th – 30th
As a different take on regular frontend conferences, this one in Zurich focuses on bringing designers and developers together. 22+ speakers will share their knowledge in talks and workshops on topics such as design leadership, tech governance and UX strategy. This conference will teach you how designers and developers can work together, understand each other’s priorities and find compromises to build a kick-ass frontend.


code.talks | Hamburg, Germany | October 18th – 19th
Another great conference happening in Germany, code.talks also looks at the newest tech scene trends and themes. With over 100 talks across eight stages, this conference is going to be filled with knowledge sharing and inspiration. Top international speakers will be discussing the newest tech gadgets, innovation and sharing their tips and tricks.


O’Reilly Velocity Conference | Berlin, Germany | November 4th – 7th
Cloud, security, DevOps and emerging tech – if any of this is your thing, then O’Reilly Velocity Conference is for you. Everyone knows O’Reilly books with animal covers that cover probably everything in tech and beyond. Those books are of great quality and written by industry experts – no surprise that this tech conference by O’Reilly is just as awesome as the books. And, unlike many other conferences, this one looks into real-world implementations and case studies and tries to teach a lesson through practice.

Codemotion | TBA
Though the exact date and place for Codemotion are not announced yet (every year it happens in a different European city), this conference is worth to keep an eye on. It brings together IT professionals, various tech communities and companies to improve professional growth. Since their goal is to literally code the future, Codemotion is covering a huge variety of hot and cutting-edge topics, such as VR, GraphQL, ES6+ and more. So don’t forget to check their website for exact date and location for the conference – we know we’ll be doing that for sure!