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Tech Rookie Internship: Why Should You Apply?

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Last year was filled with many new experiments and initiatives at Tesonet. And one of the greatest, scariest, and proving to be most worthy in the end, was our very first internship program – Tech Rookies. Well, guess what – it’s back. And even more bigger and ambitious. This time, we’re looking not only for aspiring developers but also for marketers who want to start their career in the digital industry and work with top-notch cybersecurity products. In this article, our talented alumni share their experience during the internship, as well as our marketing mentors-to-be give their insights on why this program gonna be the most exciting career choice.

The applications for the Tech Rookie Internship Program open on September 1st, you can find more info about it HERE.

Meet Our Tech Rookies

Chosen out of nearly 350 tech enthusiasts, only 10 aspiring programmers were selected to participate in our very first Tech Rookies initiative. And not only they rocked during the internship but also all of them stayed in the Teso fam afterward and work here until now. So without further ado, let’s hear from our alumni themselves what they think about the program and their solid start as devs interns here at Tesonet.

Amandas Slabšys

Tech Rookie’s internship has flipped my life around. Tesonet is definitely something different – it makes me wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face just to go to work, just because of the atmosphere there. I’m grateful to my whole team for accepting me the way I am and treating me like a true member from day 1. Through this short period of time, I already had unforgettable moments with them and I’m looking forward to many more. Tesonet is truly a family, period.

Emilija Petraškaitė

I joined Teso following my brother’s recommendation, hoping to learn things at an awesome company. Found myself in the coolest team and learned the coolest things with the help of the coolest mentor. Haven’t had a single boring day or task, it’s all been an awesome challenge and definitely a blast. Moral of the story – listen to your brothers.

Laurynas Runkauskas

One year ago I decided to make a drastic career change, I took the hard road of a self-taught coder. But I’m not the kind of person to pass the grind of hard work. And this hard road landed me right where I wanted to be, here at Tesonet. This might be a cliche but I’ll end on my favorite quote, “move mountains or die trying.”

Tomas Banys

It’s hard to put into words how amazing it feels to be a part of the team. I have always wanted to see how magic becomes a reality and this project is a perfect chance for me to contribute to that process. It’s an opportunity to be in the most beautiful garden full of technical flowers.

Liudvikas Paukštė

It’s been a lightspeed journey so far. I’m extremely thankful to Tesonet, my team, and my mentor who has given me this opportunity to grow. Let’s shoot for the stars!

Paulius Martišius

Since coming to Tesonet I have confirmed that I’m truly interested in becoming a developer. At first, it was very difficult as I had no real experience, but with the help of my amazing team, I have improved my problem-solving abilities as well as my practical knowledge of what it’s like to develop an android app!

Arnas Peciukonis

A swifty hello from team Apple!
Going from state-of-the-art junk code principles to being a junior developer, this internship has taught me a bunch of different things about code and all the processes that take place in order to ship a great product to millions of users worldwide. So a big shoutout to my team who helped me reach the goal sooner than expected!

Tomas Oniščiukas

I consider the whole internship program as a success. Get it? ‘Cause I started at the Customer Success Team. My main goal was to turn coding from a side project to a career which this internship helped me achieve. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank everyone involved, especially two of my closest teams – CRO and Front-end.

Karolis Nakutavičius 

I’m very thankful to my teammates that gave me an enthusiastic welcome and helped me grow as a developer and a team member at a rapid speed. Also, it was a fun experience to have a small chit-chat while taking coffee breaks.

Mantas Kmitas

Previously I programmed only in my spare time, it was a hobby, however, after getting selected for the internship I’m really excited to test my abilities in a good team. During the Tech Rookie program, I intend to get a lot of useful experience and also learn from my skilled colleagues.

Meet Our Marketing Mentors

This year we introduce an upgraded version of the Tech Rookies program that includes various positions in our Marketing teams. So we’ve asked future mentors to reveal why one should consider joining them in this exciting internship.

Kamilė Kovalska, Head of SEO

During this internship, you’ll learn how to do SEO for one of the biggest security companies. Plenty of keywords, landing pages, languages, and strong market competition gives an opportunity to feel how true SEO works. Want to start your SEO career from the best possible project? Join a highly experienced SEO team now.

Šarūnas Eirošius, Data Analyst

No matter if you’re a student or a professional who is trying to change one’s career path, this internship in the Apps data division is a great opportunity to learn more about Big Data than any lecture could ever offer. During the internship, you’ll get to know the data pipelines that carry data from applications to dashboards, tips & tricks of writing queries, and other necessary skills for your daily work as a data analyst. Also, you’ll learn ways to visualize information so that people who don’t work with the data directly would be able to draw meaningful conclusions from it. Finally, you’ll work side by side with experienced and friendly colleagues who are eager to supercharge your career path by guiding you daily and answering all your questions.

Gintautas Venckevičius, PPC Team Lead

During this internship, you’ll be working with the most interesting and motivating online marketing tools which allow seeing your results in a few hours. You’ll learn how to make PPC strategy, set up and maintain campaigns, also juggle with profound analytics tools, quickly react to market changes, and become a real professional with extremely deep knowledge in the pay-per-click field. Join this cool PPC team and start spending money!

Andrius Bukauskas, Head of CRO

CRO is about finding and unlocking growth opportunities, challenging current world order, identifying customer’s friction points, and delivering solutions in a form of experiments.

This internship is a wake-up call for adrenaline junkies, curious minds who are willing to learn new things from both the marketing and coding worlds. We can promise you:

  • Some Lego fun, where Lego pieces are reacting components and nothing fits together;
  • Definitely some thrill when your proposed solution is skyrocketing in Google Analytics;
  • Ability to learn new things and apply your knowledge straight away. 

If you have both – creative and problem-solving mentality, are comfortable in the ever-changing, fast-paced work environment, have the willpower to support IE11 as well as write vanilla JS, and if would like to learn what it takes to be a dragon? This is the right place for you.

The applications for the Tech Rookie Internship Program open on September 1st, you can find more info about it HERE.