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Smart Gadgets to Get You Through the Next Lockdown

4 min read

Staying at home can be fun and getting through the pandemic safely is totally doable. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending time alone or together with your family, and friends – as long as there are cool gadgets to entertain and keep you safe, you’re good. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the most pandemic friendly devices that will keep you secure (for an extra blanket of cybersecurity read this blog here) and amused while spending time at home.

Safety first

While social distancing, good hygiene, and protective gear are your No. 1 measures to keep you safe and sound during COVID-19 outbreaks. Here are a few gadgets that’ll add to your safety and increase your protection against any virus out there:

  1. UV phone sanitizer. Mobile phones are probably the most touched surfaces in every person’s life. That’s why the phone sanitizer is the perfect gadget to keep at home if you’re too lazy to do the dirty work and wipe it down yourself. Viruses are sensitive to UV light and thus leaving your phone in the box will clean 99% of viruses and bacteria off its surface.
  2. Self-cleaning water bottle.  Water is the source of life, however, plastic bottles are a crime against the environment and can become a breeding ground for various viruses and bacteria. Hence, the self-cleaning water bottles have emerged saving us the trouble and keeping our water contamination free with the use of UV light.
  3. Watch training you not to touch the face. We touch our faces more than 20 times an hour on average. About 44% of the time, it involves contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. What does that mean? It creates the perfect gateway for viruses and bacteria to infect our systems. That’s why the watches that allow you to break the habit have been invented, vibrating every time you’re trying to touch your face. Guard yourself permanently and break the habit!
  4. Air purifier. Key gadget during a pandemic like COVID-19 when the infection spreads through the air. Depending on the technology these devices destroy air pollutants and cleanse the air you breathe. Of course, the really effective ones are pricey, however, they can eliminate dust, pollen, DNA, and RNA viruses like COVID-19 and other free radicals that pollute our air causing various diseases.
  5. Smart door opener. If you’re not in the habit of wearing protective gloves or sanitizing your hands every time you open the door, these little inventions are definitely the thing for you! Open any door and stay germs free every time!

Fun is to be had by all

In 2020 home entertainment is a thing – apart from spending quality time with your loved ones, we can entertain alone or together with these glorious inventions that the digital realm has to offer. Let’s have a look at the most ingenious, funny, and useful things you can get to enjoy staying at home even more:

  1. Smart bulbs. If atmosphere and lighting are important to boost your mood, these smart bulbs will be your jam. Single colored or multicolored to get you in that party mood at home, they can be controlled with your phone or voice. I mean who wouldn’t want to go – “look, ma, no hands!” and have a dimly lit room ready for cozy evenings or romance. 
  2. Electronic drum kit. Ever dreamed of being a rockstar smashing those drums on stage?! Use lockdown to become one by playing drums on your pillows. Not kidding: sets like this come with attachable sensors that will allow you to practice and learn playing drums anywhere anytime with zero clutter and little investment. 
  3. Portable smart projector. If your TV is on the smaller size or pretty old, consider investing in a smart projector, which will allow you to enjoy quality TV from any of the popular apps. If cable television is not your thing and you do more Netflixing than news, this can seriously be a great option for a home entertainment set. 
  4. Gaming monitor. Immersive super realistic experience built to enhance your gaming experience and allow for better performance. Need we tell more? If you spend most of your time gaming, maybe it’s time to save up and invest into bringing your skills and experience to the next level. 
  5. A robot. Living and isolating alone? We feel you – it’s incredibly hard to be spending months in the same environment without anyone to keep you company. Well, if a pet is not an option for you, why not getting a small, yet fun robot to keep you entertained. These little fellows have their own personality, face recognition, and learn new things every day and although created for kids to learn coding, they’ve become extremely popular among adults as well. Nobody can’t fight that cuteness overload. 

Up your home game

Who knows how long we’ll be advised to stay at home, yet there’s no reason not to make it more pleasurable. Too lazy to clean? Get a robot vacuum cleaner. Need more movement? Invest in a smart workout system. Want your meetings to be more realistic? Set up a meeting camera. Even a small upgrade like an under desk footrest or massage gun can brighten up your daily routine and make it more enjoyable. Not to mention that the festive season is fast approaching and this can serve as a perfect gift list. 

Stay smart, stay safe!