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14 Must-Read Blogs for Swift & Android Developers

4 min read

Staying up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the technology industry is key for any developer. Being one step-ahead allows you to stay innovative and build truly amazing things. But with new technologies emerging every single day, this becomes a rather difficult task. Though blogs are a valuable resource for keeping up with what’s new, the information overload and clickbaity content may distract or even mislead. So, we asked our Swift and Android developers here at Tesonet to share a few blogs they swear by to stay in sync with tech developments. 




Swift by Sundell

Written by Swift developer John Sundell, this weekly blog has probably everything every Swift developer might need. From practical tips to podcasts discussing the power of software, this blog packs all sorts of Swift-related knowledge. You can clearly see how passionate Sundell is about this programming language, just by looking at the sheer volume of information there. So whether you’re just a beginner, starting in programming or a senior Swift developer staying up-to-date, you’ll find something useful. 


iOS Dev Weekly

Sometimes, instead of trying to gather all the information yourself, it’s best to trust someone to do it for you. And iOS Dev Weekly does exactly that. Dave Verwer, an author of this newsletter platform and an iOS developer himself, hand-picks top stories about news in the iOS world. Every Friday, you get all the information you need to know about straight to your mail. And best of all – no unnecessary spam!


Official Swift Blog

This one is pretty self-explanatory – get the latest news and tips from the people who created Swift. It doesn’t get better than this. 



Similarly to iOS Dev Weekly, here you can get a weekly Swift newsletter straight to your inbox. From code examples to news in this programming language, Swiftweekly keeps you up-to-date with everything.  



We all know and love Reddit for its funny threads and posts, but for any developer out there, Reddit is a great knowledge source. The community there is huge, sharing all sorts of expertise and it’s pretty active too. So, if you’re looking for answers to your problem or just need quick advice, Reddit is a good place to go. And of course, even though here we’re linking a subredding of iOS programming, you can also find subreddits for Swift or Android too. 



objc.io is all about advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development. Elaborate and rather detailed blog posts with code snippets discuss not only what’s new in iOS, but also how to solve most common mistakes in development, improve your productivity and be a better developer in general. 



Stackoverflow has probably the biggest coder community and the best thing about it is that this community is always open to share any knowledge and expertise it has. Topics there range from filtering a Realm list inside objects to discussing React Native iOS Sentry. 




Android Developers Blog 

Just like Swift, Android has an official blog run by its developers. It’s the first place to go and check all the news and read about upcoming technologies. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also find Google’s stories about their more experimental, less-known projects that were created with their platform. 


Android Headlines 

Android Headlines is a great place to catch up not only with news in Android but also in the tech world. As they say themselves, they want to avoid being a clickbaity blog with bite-sized information, so expect extensive articles discussing everything from Android itself to the future of Virtual Reality. 


Android Weekly 

This free weekly newsletter will make sure you’re always up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the Android field and tech industry. You’ll get not only useful articles but also links to various tutorials, practical tips and GitHub libraries that every Android developer should know. 


Android Authority

If you want useful tips from true experts, this is the place to go. It not only reviews tech, but has a truly extensive “How To” section giving advice on nearly everything – from installing Android SDK to fixing your Android battery. Developers of all skill levels will find something useful here. 


Android Arsenal

Searching the Internet to find various tools for your project can be time-consuming. And sometimes, you don’t know if what you find it legit. So, instead head to Android Arsenal – a categorized directory of tools, libraries and projects for Android. 


Dan Lew Codes

Written by Dan Lew – an Android software developer at Trello – this blog discusses code and lessons learned through real-life experience. Dan quite openly shares the mistakes he has made as a developer, what he took from them, further inspiring other developers to experiment and simply have fun with coding. Besides that, this guy also likes to share his thoughts on life and the universe, making it a well-balanced work-life blog.  



Codementor is a great place for beginning Android developers since it has loads of tutorials and insights to develop your first project. You can either find a mentor based on the programming language you want or simply read the blog which is also full of useful tips for beginners.