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Customer Success Management: Busting the Myths

There’s no doubt that consistently delivering excellent customer service isn’t easy. However, it is something that every business should strive for. We couldn’t agree more. With more than 130 people, our Customer Success Department is currently the biggest one in the whole company. Why so? We want to get to know our customer. When it comes down to product development, our users are the ones who help us know what’s important. This is exactly why we have 130+ Customer Success Specialists covering all questions and concerns they have.

But for some reason, there’s a certain stigma about working in customer service: it’s boring and not challenging. Here at Tesonet though, it’s everything EXCEPT boring. Our Customer Success folks work 24/7 busting these myths every day:

Myth #1: Customer service is boring.

How could it get boring when our customers are spreaded all around the world? We operate in 70+ countries so we’re dealing with users from all countries and cultures. Moreover, our Customer Success team monitors our servers and network traffic 24/7.

Myth #2: Customer service requires no skills.


Pick your artistry – it can be social media management, dealing with payment providers, or solving connection issues. There’s loads of room for all sorts of wizards.

Myth #3: Customer service offers no growth opportunities.


If you think that working in customer service means chatting on the phone with angry customers, think again. Developers, QA team, and Customer Success team work hand in hand: fixing the bugs, improving product features, monitoring traffic. People working in customer service are the first ones to notice and report if anything is off-track. Safe to say, geeky spirits are always welcome here.

Myth #4: Customer service won’t teach you anything.


Working in Customer Success Department can lead you to develop new skills: whether it’s programming or webutation management. Our specialists work with the best minds in tech, and sky is the limit when it comes down to your personal career path.


One thing is certain: effective customer service is not a mundane process. As it’s the first contact point with our user, it affects the whole business. That’s why we formed the ultimate dream team to deal with our users and their concerns.

After all, the most important thing for every customer is to be heard. Therefore, effective customer service is letting your users know that you hear them and will do your best to help them.