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Tesonet makes wellness play with investment in UK-based digital assistant Yours App

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Tesonet has just announced its latest investment – pre-Series A funding in the UK wellness app Yours App. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the Yours App solution, why Tesonet backed them, and what Yours App can expect now they’re part of the Tesonet family.

Wellness that is holistic and personalized

Wellness is changing. 

A field that used to be dedicated primarily to fitness and nutrition has spread its wings. According to research by McKinsey, what consumers think of as wellness is getting broader all the time – it now covers psychology, mental health, exercise, beauty, diet and more. And it’s not just the definition that’s growing, the industry is too. Valued at over $1.5 trillion, the wellness sector is seeing huge growth, with new products and services hitting the market all the time.

The trouble is, as wellness broadens in scope and the number of available products grows, users are getting overwhelmed. You might have one app to get you to sleep, another for your morning meditation, a third for your yoga practice at lunchtime. And most of these apps aren’t personalized. 

But Yours App is different. It’s a digital personal assistant that takes the hassle out of wellness in 3 ways:

A holistic approach – Yours App covers sleep, meditation, yoga, psychology, physiotherapy and more.

Personalized wellness support – Yours App curates individual programmes for every subscriber based on their personal needs and habits. 

High quality content – The stories, talks, tips, meditations and music on Yours App are created by its in-house team, plus a long list of contributors. These include psychologists, best selling authors, journalists, actors, writers, yoga teachers, physiotherapists and even stars like the Spice Girl Mel B and TV presenter Dr. Ranj. With new content coming out each week, there is always something to inspire. 

This curated approach is not only helpful, it’s critical, says Tesonet co-founder Eimantas Sabaliauskas: “Just like in medicine, to truly work, wellness has to be personalized and tailored to the person’s specific needs.”

Wellness is a natural fit for Tesonet

Attention to personal well-being is certainly something Tesonet has been living by. After all, this is an accelerator that brings in biohackers to share their tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, regularly shares expert advice on subjects like managing your stress, and even has its own in-house physiotherapist.

In fact, it discovered Yours App during its search for a mindfulness product for its community of over 2,000 specialists. It was the middle of the pandemic and the leadership team understood the impact lockdowns and health crises were having on its team members. It tested dozens of possible solutions before discovering Yours App. 

For Tesonet co-founder Tomas Okmanas, wellness is an exciting growth area where tech can provide much-needed services and solutions. “Wellness is one of the areas we want to explore, as mental health and personal well-being deserve more attention in our fast-paced world,” explains Tomas.

Tomas, Eimantas, and the team loved the quality of the app and resonated with its focus on acceptance, diversity and self-love. “Our decision to invest in Yours App should come as no surprise,” says Tomas Okmanas. 

But what will this investment mean for Yours App? 

Aligned values and Tesonet’s expertise will help Yours App to grow

The funds Tesonet has provided will help Yours App to scale. But, as always, Tesonet will be offering much more than just cold hard cash. It will also be helping Yours App with software development, marketing, sales and more. 

Janette Daubare, Yours Apps’ co-founder and CEO, believes Tesonet’s expertise will enable them to bring their digital personal assistant to more people, more quickly. “The wellness space is a crowded one, and to excel, you need to grow fast,” she points out. “Knowing the astonishing track record of the Tesonet Accelerator, I’m looking forward to their help in improving our product, maximizing our marketing efforts and finding better ways of serving our clients across the world.” 

The ultimate goal is to give as many people as possible access to tools that will truly help them. As Eimantas puts it, “we’re geeky about meaningful tech, and wellbeing is an area where tech can be especially impactful. Yours already has a personalized and tailored approach ingrained in its product and, with our assistance, it’ll be able to help millions around the world.”