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New facilities and partners confirmed for Cyber City

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It has been a while since our last update on Cyber City. Since then, there has been huge progress on every front. This includes:

– New partnerships confirmed with restaurants, cafes and kindergartens,

– Facilities defined for sports, events and meeting colleagues,

Construction on one of the buildings completed, with work now beginning on its interior,

– Construction on the other buildings is progressing smoothly,

and plenty more.

So, we thought it was time to share a detailed breakdown of what progress has been made. Plus, we caught up with Evelina Žvinyté, Global Advisor of Sourcing & Effectiveness, to learn more about the facilities and get her personal take on what the coolest spots in Cyber City will be.

Let’s get into it.

New partnerships and facilities

Food and drink

We are pretty confident that, out of all the great spots available in Cyber City, our very own Tesonet BAR will probably be the most exciting place to be. But there will be plenty more options to choose from, and we can now share the names of some of the companies who have signed agreements with us.

In terms of lunch spots, we have a burger joint, a salad bar and a sushi bar all confirmed. Lunch’ Up will have a restaurant in Cyber City, plus there will be a grocery store on site if you need to pick up a sandwich on the go. And for caffeinated goodness, Vero Cafe will be ready to meet your every need with a coffee shop on site.


The internal courtyard is going to be the perfect spot for outdoor events. This vast space will have full wifi coverage, and there will be plenty of comfy spots to take a seat. This includes the seating available on the wide stairs at the main entrance, and (even better) the tables at the Tesonet BAR.

You can expect there to be plenty going on throughout the summer in this space, from OKR events through to concerts and stand up comedy. And for many of these events there will be food trucks in the courtyard serving up all manner of tasty treats.

Cyber City Yard

Sports facilities, playgrounds and kindergarten

Along with a dedicated parents and kids room – that will include work spaces for the grown ups and a play area for the kids (and maybe the grown ups too) – we are happy to announce that Eureka will be bringing their discovery-based education for 2-6 year olds to Cyber City. They will have a kindergarten on site.

Sports activities have always been a huge part of the Tesonet culture, and the facilities at Cyber City are set to take this to the next level. 

The central sports club will be dedicated to every loud, proud exercise out there (think plenty of weights machines). 

But there will also be dedicated spaces for less active workouts like yoga and pilates, as well as the physiotherapy sessions and consultations with our resident physiotherapists that are so popular.

The state of play on site at the moment

Hopefully you are getting a much clearer picture of just how special Cyber City is going to be. But how close are we to experiencing these incredible facilities? Here is a quick breakdown of what is happening in the construction of Cyber City at the moment.

– The buildings are already visible, and one of them – the 3rd corpus – is fully constructed, with the roof and windows installed. This building should be opened in July 2022.

– The number of technicians on site has jumped significantly as more and more work on the interiors of the buildings gets underway. This includes installing electric cabling, security systems, and piping, along with systems for heating, conditioning and ventilation. 

– There are some elements of Cyber City that are still at the design stage, for example the internal courtyard and some of the communal spaces in the building. Important interior design elements – wall decorations, lighting and furniture – are also being developed at the moment.

One piece of good news is that meetings between key stakeholders like architects, engineers and project managers can now take place on site rather than online, which will make decision-making faster.

The plan for the coming months

To get the lowdown on the next stages of the Cyber City project, we caught up with Evelina Žvinyté, our Global Advisor of Sourcing & Effectiveness. She talked us through the critical work that will be happening over the next couple of months.

“The upcoming few months are going to be the most intensive for the internal team,” explains Evelina. “They need to finalise the vision for some very important infrastructure in Cyber City. This includes the network, the audio and video set up, the access and security policy, and the tech and admin support for the buildings. Plus they need to work on the concept for things like the sports facilities.”

“Once they have the vision for these in place, there will be a lot of research into solutions and software, internal discussions, tenders for suppliers, and negotiations,” Evelina continues. 

Evelina’s favourite Cyber City spots

Working on the Cyber City project day in, day out, Evelina already has some favourite spots. So we asked her to tell us more about her personal picks for the best spot on site (spoiler: there quite a few of them).

“Well, first of all I’m in love with the whole concept,” says Evelina. “I can’t wait until we will all be able to enjoy the range of services and activities that we are trying to put together here.”

“Some of my favourite spots are the main lounges on the ground floors of each of the buildings – I think these will be very popular places for people to gather. Why? Well, there will be huge TVs, lounge seating, tables with bar service, and great music playing. Most importantly, there will be plenty of your colleagues to hang out with. These are going to be the ideal spaces for greeting guests and candidates because they’ll get an instant taste of what Tesonet is all about.”

Cyber City spaces

“There will be a fully equipped music room and a podcast studio. Plus there will be 2 video studios, along with a fancy makeup area and even a lounge to relax in before you go on air. And that’s not to mention all of the play rooms and game zones that there will be inside the offices. “

“Of course, I also love the office spaces themselves. One feature that I know will go down well is the big increase in the number of meeting rooms – so no more struggles to book a room. And there will be a lot of options to choose from when it comes to sitting down to get some work done: regular tables, high tables, lounge seating, small desks, big desks, fancy workspaces – you name it.”

“Another feature I almost forgot to mention, but which will definitely be well appreciated, is in house post station for Tesonet employees. You’ll be able to just pop down when it suits you and pick up that parcel you ordered online, grab the gadget you ordered from IT support, or leave an item for one of your colleagues.”

“What I love about Cyber City is that it’s really going to be a space with something for every person, and for every mood. For example, if you want to really focus there are silent work areas. And If you need some get-up-and-go, there will actually be a DJ installed on site. But I’m not telling you where – you’ll have to find them!”