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Cybersecurity Influencers You Should Follow

4 min read

It’s fair to say that cybersecurity has never been so significant for both individuals and global business than it is today. Digital economy evolves and so do hackers, and their malicious techniques. So there’s no surprise that such topics as data breaches or information security are trending on social media regularly and gaining more attention. 

From CEOs and founders of the thriving tech companies to pseudonymous Twitter influencers impersonating Taylor Swift, the industry has quite a bunch of prominent voices educating society and making the greatest impact on the cybersecurity circles. These devotees of cybersecurity live and breathe technologies, so their followers can hear the first-hand expert opinion on the most recent trends and threats. So in this article, we selected the top 12 influencers for you to discover the insights nobody else would tell you.

  1. Troy Hunt

As if he needs any introduction, Troy is an Information Security author and Instructor at Pluralsight. He’s most notable for founding Have I Been Pwned, one of the most popular sites to check on data breaches and if your personal information has been compromised. Besides, Troy specializes in educating tech professionals, organizing top-level courses on cybersecurity, and participates in conferences across the world. Famously, Troy Hunt was recognized as an MVP (most valuable professional) of Microsoft. 

While his social channels are dedicated to public education on web security, his tweets and blogs are clear, engaging, and easy-to-read.

Follow on: Twitter (127K followers), LinkedIn, Website

  1. Graham Cluley 

Now, this British cybersecurity expert is quite a legend. Graham Cluley has been writing and podcasting on cybersecurity risks and crimes since the 1990s and was inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame. Not only he shares insights and discusses cybercrimes and malware on his social channels, award-winning personal blog, and podcast, but also Cluley travels around the world and speaks at cybersecurity conferences. 

Follow on: Twitter (95K followers), LinkedIn, Website, Smashing Security Podcast

  1. Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris is an entrepreneur and a professional hacker with a unique approach and a restless lifestyle. Listed as one of the top women in IT in 2014, Katie advises companies, governments on security research, bug bounty, and vulnerability disclosure. She worked with such tech giants as Microsoft and Symantec, created the Bug Bounty Program at Microsoft, and is the founder and CEO of Luta Security. Besides all this impressive bio, Katie shares her experience as a speaker in cybersecurity events, on Twitter and her blog. 

Follow on: Twitter (93K followers), LinkedIn, Blog

  1. Mikko Hypponen 

Named as one of the 50 most influential people in PC Magazine, Mikko Hypponen is truly one of the most popular cybersecurity researchers in the industry. Being a prominent writer (the New York Times), a most honored lecturer (Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge) and TED speaker, Mikko currently works as an advisor to several governments. With a strong focus on data breaches, he shares his insights on Twitter and his website. So yup, this is the right account to follow if you want to stay updated on the most recent cyberattacks.

Follow on: Twitter (199K followers), LinkedIn, TED, Website

  1. Paul Asadoorian

The founder and CEO of Security Weekly, Paul Asadoorian produces and hosts various shows providing the latest security news to the tech community. Since Paul knows everyone in the industry, he interviews key figures in cybersecurity, makes live updates from conferences and talks freely about what’s on his mind. This expert hacker with exceptional experience in penetration testing and vulnerability analysis enjoys adding some technical how-to segments to his shows. Follow him on Twitter and add his weekly podcasts to your listening routine. 

Follow on: Twitter (67K followers), LinkedIn, Youtube

  1. Brian Krebs

If you’re looking not only for the latest updates on data breaches but also for a good read, well, then Brian Krebs is your influencer to follow. A former Washington Post (’95-’09) reporter turned to an independent investigative journalist and published a New York Times bestseller 

‘Spam Nation’. Currently, Brian Krebs writes about cybercrime, security, and privacy on his blog and Twitter. What’s truly exceptional about his texts (and tweets) is the ability to develop the story that progresses and uncovers more compelling information.

Follow on: Twitter (279K followers), LinkedIn, Website

  1. Magda Chelly

Dr. Magda Chelly is definitely one of the most influential cybersecurity leaders globally. A Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering, a professional hacker and an entrepreneur, Magda is the founder of Women in Cyber and defines herself as a cyberfeminist. Besides being a prominent voice representing women in tech and cybersecurity, she is a true pro traveling across the world as a speaker and hosting Sunday Cyber Show. 

Follow on: Twitter (11.5K followers), LinkedIn, Website

  1. Sean Harris

This cybersecurity guru was ranked as the top influencer of the Q4 of 2019 by GlobalData. Quite impressive, huh?  As if he needs more attention, Sean already had more than 100K fans following his insights on cybercrimes and cyber warfare. Besides the professional path, Sean Harris hosts the Bolivian Idol and streams a podcast at rockdocs.com.

Follow on: Twitter (120K followers)

  1. Kevin Mitnick

Now, this story has inspired Hollywood movies for a reason. A convicted hacker, best known for his arrest and being in the FBI’s most-wanted list, has turned into a white-hat hacker and a cybersecurity consultant for governments and giant tech companies. After having hacked into major corporations back in his hacking days, this expert shares his cutting analysis of the security vulnerabilities frankly.  

Follow on: Twitter (245K followers), LinkedIn, Website

  1. Jack Rhysider

Another exquisite storyteller that you’ll enjoy reading. Ranked as Person of the Year by the Times Magazine in 2006, Jack Rhysider hosts Darknet Diaries podcast about true stories from the dark side of the Internet. In his show, this cybersecurity expert reveals disturbing tales about breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, and cybercrime. Discover him on Twitter and listen to his podcasts.

Follow on: Twitter (37K followers), Darknet Diaries Podcast

  1. Zack Whittaker

Zack Whittaker is the security editor at TechCrunch who creates compelling content on cybersecurity and technology. Following Zach on Twitter will upgrade your knowledge with a solid mix of opinions, national security-related issues analysis, and the latest news of the industry. 

Follow on: Twitter (56K followers), LinkedIn, TechCrunch

  1. Bruce Schneier

Nicknamed “The Security Guru” by the Economist, Bruce Scheier is a globally renowned security technologist and a best-selling author. Besides educating the public on the latest breaches and technologies, he’s also a special advisor to IBM Security. Bruce Scheier creates content on his blog and Twitter account daily, so you’ll always be updated to the max.

Follow on: Twitter (123K followers), TED, Website, The Guardian