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April Fools: Why Meme Librarians Are the Heart of Every Tech Company

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Great internal culture is one of the most critical factors for any job-seeker, and many people are helping to make our company the best place to work at. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tech giant or a small retail shop – employees need to feel happy and appreciated to do well at their jobs. So in this blog post, we talked with one of the key people who foster the great vibes at Tesonet, our Meme Librarian. Matias Baldi told us what it’s like to manage a massive meme database and why his job is so vital for our company’s success. 

First, could you tell me more about what you do here at Tesonet?

Hi, I’m Matias, and I’m a Meme Librarian here at Tesonet. Yes, I know many don’t know about my profession, and my job is somewhat a mystery. Yet, nowadays, memes have become a massive part of our daily communication. So, basically, I’m responsible for managing, analyzing, and producing the best memes for our internal communications.

And how does that work exactly – how do you generate the best memes possible? 

 I work in the Communications department which is essentially responsible for all internal communication. Being a Meme Librarian, I’m responsible for managing the team and delivering results. But I’m not doing this alone. Our team consists of designers, copywriters, even some analysts – all dedicated to deliver truly Tesotastic memes for our people. We start our job by collecting all the memes used internally in our organization and the trending ones on social media channels. Then we add them to our database and start analyzing. It’s our job to predict which trend will pick up inside Tesonet and which direction shouldn’t be pursued. After selecting the possible theme and topic, we work together with designers and copywriters to make the best-performing content pieces. After we submit them and the memes are used, we then use heatmaps to analyze their impact and how our employees respond. 

And would you say that it’s a stressful position or not? Did you ever have to work after hours? 

Oh, yes, definitely. Our job is very volatile – everything can change in a second. I spend all my weekends browsing possible topics and looking up trends. However, all of that can change in an hour. Of course, we make plans, targets – as everyone here at Tesonet does, but if a new theme is picked by our team or by external news, we have to get to work right away. I mean, expressing your emotions with words is not a thing these days – memes are much more effective, so we have to make sure that people have enough material to show what they’re feeling about one thing or another. It takes a lot of focus and the ability to juggle things.

So time planning skills are important for this job? What other qualities does a person need to become a Meme Librarian?

Well, he or she has to love memes, obviously. But don’t think that a funny kitten meme will cut it – the internet is full of those and you need to bring some kind of an edge to this job. I know it sounds harsh, but you really have to prepare mentally and emotionally for the rollercoaster that this position is. So, to add to the time planning and passion for memes, you’d need creativity, attention to detail, SoMe knowledge, excellent communication, and analytical skills. Also, the ability to cope well with stress would be a bonus. With this position, you win or fail momentarily – after we submit the memes, we get instant feedback from people’s reactions, which can be genuinely nerve-racking for most.

How many memes per week do you usually analyze and generate? Did those numbers change from the start of your job?

Around twelve hundred analyzed and a hundred or so generated at the current pace. Oh yes, of course it changed, my team grew a lot together with the whole company. The more people joined, the more memes we needed to create to keep everyone happy and smiling. I mean, people mention the memes in interviews, and it’s a huge part of our company, so we needed to keep a certain quality standard. That’s why later designers and copywriters joined my team to help me better manage the growing demand. 

On that subject, I truly appreciate my team. They’re amazing people – even when I ask to do 20 variations of “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” they just do it without asking and come up with these brilliant images. So, it’s genuinely great being a Meme Librarian with such a fantastic team at my back. 

And what are your top 5 meme topic recommendations for other companies?

Oh, this is a tricky question. Actually, what works in our company may not work in others, e.g., we got many “The Big Bang Theory” fans here and we share lots of news related stuff, like the incident in the Suez Canal. Animals are big in Tesonet, too. We also had this “Free Britney” series, which did perform exceptionally well at the start, but then fizzled at a rapid pace. Queen B is loved by everyone, especially devs and HR – die-hard Beyonce fans. And what else… Oh, and minions are a true classic even in Tesonet.

What advice would you give for anyone wanting to follow in your shoes?

Be persistent, and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. A Meme Librarian is an extraterrestrial life form where my parents are concerned, yet, despite all the discouragement, I pursued my goal, learned everything humanly possible about memes, and landed the job I’ve always wanted. So if I managed to do it, you certainly can, too.