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Recruitment at Tesonet: How We Land the Best Talents

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What are the current challenges in IT recruitment market?

Well, to begin with, we’re competing with moguls of the market. Such companies as Google, Uber, Revolut, Booking.com are playing in the same field as we do. Also, there are lots of start-ups that are attractive to potential candidates. All these players want the same specialists td, after all, our market IS limited. Obviously, there’s a bigger demand for senior specialists. Even though universities offer more IT-focused programs these days, the market is still highly competitive.


What methods do you use to attract potential candidates?

Our angle to win the right candidates is global products that we develop ourselves. Another thing is our vibe and culture. People know our DNA and what we stand for. Also, a lot of potential candidates come for an interview via our referral program. In this case, you can be sure that a person knows what Tesonet is all about and a cultural fit is likely.

If you want to know specific recruitment methods, we’re using them all: networking events, LinkedIn, social media, career fairs at universities. We organize tech meetups at our office as well, since it’s a great opportunity to meet IT guys. Moreover, we have good friends helping us to find candidates, such as Vilnius Coding School or Code Academy. Of course, we use different  channels for specific positions. For example, career fairs tend to be more helpful for hunting the candidates to join our Customer Success department.


Headhunting vs direct application?

We’d say that’s a 50/50 proportion. Referrals help a lot because a potential candidate is warmed up. But still, a recruiter has to sell the position even if a candidate applied proactively. However, we have to say that the selling part is easier when you have competent people on board already. It works as an approval stamp for future employees. It’s like „Ok, if this guy works here, I might be interested too“. These days we’re known in the market, so it’s definitely getting easier to attract people. The word is out there.


Who are the most wanted people in IT market?

Without a doubt, all senior professionals: app developers (both iOS and Android), Python, PHP devs. There are simply not enough of them in the market. We aim to be in front of technology and we constantly have to keep up. Tesonet has global products, we’re playing in a huge market, so yeah, we need the best experts in the field.


Tips and tricks for landing THE ONE?

  • Figure out what you want. Define the position and an ideal candidate.
  • Follow-ups. It’s important to do regular follow-ups with previous candidates. Sometimes the circumstances might have changed, and an applicant is available again. Of course, being friendly goes miles.
  • Market monitoring. A recruiter’s job requires constantly going hand in hand with the market. Knowing what’s trendy, which specialists are high in demand. A recruiter should be networking actively: going to meetups, finding the right time to approach the candidate.
  • Teamwork. Recruitment is teamwork by all means. Hiring managers, fellow recruiters, even communication channels – everything leads to hiring the most desirable candidates.
  • Aligning expectations both between the company and a candidate. If a candidate comes to Tesonet expecting corporate stuff, most probably the expectations will be heading towards opposing directions.
  • Cultural fit. As mentioned before, we appreciate our vibe and culture and we want newbies that join our company to feel in place.
  • Brand. It’s important that the branded message depicts what you actually offer. It’s not only the cover that matters, you have to truly be the company your brand represents.