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Every company starts with the people working there. A company is not a high-end tech product, not a cool office – it’s a team that creates magic.

It’s obvious that running a successful business is not a solo sport. It requires a group of players sharing the same values and attitude. While growing as fast as we at Tesonet are, it’s important not to lose the DNA while hiring so many people. Here’s what the DNA we believe in and stand for is about:

  • 10%+. Do you know what’s the difference between good and freakin’ amazing? 10%. That’s how much it takes to get to the level of amazing. If every single one of us just puts 10% more effort, the results are more than excellent. Let’s say, you make 100 cold calls. Yes, you’re good. If you make 110 calls – you’re actually amazing. Little things go long way.
  • Polite aggressiveness. Sometimes, reaching your goals might be challenging. No one wants to take NO for an answer. In our case, we try to ignore it. How? By being persistent, yet still polite. If your potential client doesn’t pick up, you send an email. No reply? Then let’s have a chat on Linkedin. After all, if one door closes, let’s find all the windows. Politely.
  • CARE. Care about your business. Care about your colleagues. Care about the environment you work in. Here at Tesonet, caring goes from the very top to an individual contributor. It doesn’t matter, if you’re a C-level manager or one of the specialists – even putting a dirty cup to a dishwasher shows your level of care.
  • Team first. We can’t stress this enough. Tesonet is about people. Top-notch specialists performing magic every day. Our team is our biggest achievement. Success and numbers are just a result.