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5 Challenges in the AppDev Universe

A variety of devices. As an app developer, there is very little you can do to control your environment. As a hardware market is becoming  more competitive, it is getting even harder to make assumptions about devices. Let’s say, a no-name factory releases a no-name phone. The AppDev team is the one to make sure […]

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Project Management @Tesonet

Agile. Waterfall. Kanban. CPM. There are more than plenty project management methodologies, but which is the right one? At Tesonet, we do not stick to one way of management. Even though we mix it up and count on both Agile and matrix management principles, sometimes a good old piece of paper is where the key […]

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Working with Git is a common version control practice in software development, but if you are a designer, it may sound new to you. Let’s say a few developers are working on a same code and they somehow have to keep it neat. Unavoidably, when several developers edit the same line of code, conflicts happen, […]

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